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Academic Partnerships

We are committed to forming partnerships with the goal to provide tuition discounts or scholarships for varying program options from entry level health care positions to advanced nursing degrees

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Herzing University

Interested in Pursuing higher education?

GMNAHN members receive 20% off tuition. GMNAHN members can apply to receive a scholarship of 50% off of tuition, up to $15,000   

Learn more about scholarships and degree programs. Set up a free consultation. 


Purdue University

Interested in advancing from RN to BSN?


GMNAHN members have the opportunity to receive discounted tuition to pursue an RN to BSN degree through Purdue Northwest University 

  • Online program 

  • Full program tuition $8996 

  • Completed in as little at 16 months

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University of Alabama

The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Nursing Workforce Diversity Program is funding a program to increase the number of baccalaureate-prepared Latino nurses nationwide. This program is a completely online with a tuition stipend. For more information contact faculty member and program director Dr. Norma Cuellar.

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