The National Association of Hispanic Nurses brings together health care professionals, administrators, and academic leaders from across the United States to share ideas, advocate for, and increase awareness of the specific health care needs of the Hispanic population. As a member of NAHN, you’ll join a network of over 2,000 members who study, teach, and provide health care to individuals in the Hispanic community and beyond. In NAHN, you’ll find a wealth of specialized knowledge and experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Being a member of NAHN can propel your career forward by connecting you with other health professionals as well as provide high quality training and exposure to leading-edge thinking and valuable peer networking. NAHN has eight different membership types to fit your needs and gives you access to 49 professional chapters across the United States. 

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Who should join?

Any medical professional interested in helping support the healthcare needs of Hispanic communities including:

  • Nurses licensed in the United States and its jurisdictions

  • Unlicensed healthcare professionals such as certified nursing assistants, medical assistants, patient care technicians and others who work under the direct supervision of a nursing or medical professional

  • Nurses licensed in their country of origin who don’t live in the United States

  • Unlicensed students enrolled in a pre-licensure nursing program or pre-requisite nursing coursework leading to a licensure program or other medical studies program

  • Retired nurses

  • Individuals not actively involved in nursing, and corporations

Member Benefits

By joining NAHN, you will receive benefits from your

Greater Milwaukee Chapter as well as from the National organization

Chapter Benefits

  • Professional Development opportunities

  • Opportunity to qualify for local awards and scholarships

  • A professional forum to discuss local community events and concerns at chapter meetings

  • A network to share information on local activities, events, and job opportunities

  • Continuing Education Unit (CEU) opportunities through webinars

  • Chapter events including local conferences, leadership training and network receptions

  • Mentorship  programs 

  • Discounts to services through our community partners

  • Invitations to special events through community partners

National Benefits

  • Connection to a network of Hispanic healthcare professionals 

  • Reduced registration fees at the Annual Conference 

  • Continuing Education Unit (CEU) opportunities through webinars and at the Annual Conference 

  • Scholarships opportunities for students at all levels 

  • Opportunity for award recognition for leadership, community service, and education excellence 

  • Opportunity to serve in leadership positions on NAHN's board and committees 

  • A forum for nurses to analyze and evaluate the healthcare needs of the Hispanic community

  • Subscription to NAHN's quarterly peer-reviewed journal, Hispanic Health Care International (HHCI)

  • Subscription to NAHN's quarterly newsletter, NAHN at a Glance, with member news and articles on issues relevant to our practice and to our community

  • Support healthcare initiative as a united force 

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